From an early age, I’ve always felt called to perform”, recalls emerging artist April Renzella. “Music has always been an amazing outlet to express what I’m feeling, whether it’s adding thoughts to paper, or singing live on stage”, she adds.

April laid down her country roots early, albeit in a more unorthodox way than most. From an early age she would be recognized first as an accomplished equestrian. “In those days”, April remembers, “I would spend hours with my horse, immersing myself with the country greats on the radio at that time. Hearing Leann Rimes singing ‘Blue’ left a great impression on me, and was a big influence in peaking my interest in performing back then.”

April would go on to garner acclaim in her school through many chorus and solo performances, still she knew she wanted to be stretched more as a singer, performer, and a songwriter. In 2015 she won the NACMAI award for Songwriter of The Year, an accomplishment of which she hopes is the first of many.

From school performances to the shows on the ‘big stage’, this classically trained singer is sure to be a country music force to be reckoned with.



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